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Have you played Role Playing Games? Raise your hand if you have. One, two, ... yeah. Just as I thought. You are one of a massive group (over 14M people) who have enjoyed being engulfed in a story that continues no matter which way you decide to go.

Laying 8 is a portal on the edge of infinity. It gives you a window into a world and her history. Not only can you follow many of the people who inhabit this world, but you can stand in one place and watch the world go by... or make your own history on the planet Bascore. To read, just click on one of the people/other listed to the left. It will begin where that person begins.

This isn't a choose your own story. The people will do what they were going to do no matter what you try, but you can view that excitement as anything from a sentient computer, to the world's greatest mage, to the planet itself.

Don't be taken in by the magic. This is science fiction--or as close as most science fiction writers get. That's part of the complexity that makes it fun and can make things go very very wrong.


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